by Belter

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released January 25, 2013



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Belter UK

With lyrics sharper than razor-wire and tunes that stick the boot in, Belter is punk for grown-ups who like a dance.

Their first single "TV Junkie" was released in 2012, gaining worldwide airplay and acclaim.

It was followed in January 2013 by a 3-track EP, ‘Invisible Cat’, which sees the band’s trademark sound expanded with a little help from their friends on strings, brass and slide guitar.
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I’m obtuse unconventional
Twisted and multi dimensional
A complex intellectual
Allegedly I’m unnatural
Consequence is unintentional
The effects are astronomical

An ego like a cat invisible to rats
Caught so many mice it grew fat
It was bigger than a house
Imagine reasoning with that
I let the cat out of the bag, and it’s never going back
Won’t even contemplate the facts
Contemptuous of the genes,
My genius unwrapped

I’m impulsive and impossible
Conduct reprehensible
The conditions irreversible
Reputation for theatrical
In theory hypothetical
Invent the supernatural

It’s not your complexion that caused complications
It’s not black or white these are complex situations
The repercussions aren’t to blame
Computers conduct a billion calculations
Trying to avoid over simplifications
We’re still baffled all the same
At the center of the earth it's 5000 degrees
got a compass and a map and Hobbit with me
I'll take a journey back in time put my life on the line
So I wont get to see you

In the Depths of the ocean there's a city that sleeps
On occasion when a body washes up on the beach
There's a man from Atlantis I have to debrief
So I wont get to see you

We've been living through some dangerous times
Another planet to find
It's not about you
A million excuses that all spring to my mind
Cause I can't spare any time to be with you

I've been delayed by the cosmic police
When my ship sprung a leak it picked up alien seeds
They think I've contracted a contagious disease
So they wont let me see you

We found a lost tribe in the Amazon
Solved quantum mechanics built atomic bombs
Unless they're defused they wont send us home
So they wont let me see you

You think it's all a lie
They're excuses that wont fly
Why not end this charade
Or just say that you are gay
Pile up the polygraphs sky high
You can see it in my eyes

There were leaves on the track and I'd fallen asleep
A volcano erupted there's no planes for a week
When the tsunami hit I was cycling home
So I wont get to see you

I was held without trial then got lost in a maze
I'd been bound up and gagged until the ransom was paid
And the Minotaur is saying that the whole thing was staged
So that I wont get to see you
Don’t like people that brag they know more than me
Believe in things cause they see it on TV
Can’t acclimatise to the couple that live next door
Made a suicide pact and believe in Al Gore

Good times can wait
Doom squad is hanging round my gate
Sure I’ll conform
And just sing- a- long

There’s a squadron of cops dancing on my stairs
Brought a TV crew cause one looks like Fred Astair
Said nothing about invading my privacy
Justifies this crusade is protecting me

Good times can wait
Goon squad is pounding down my gate
Sure I’ll conform
And just sing-a-long

Singing along
Singing their song

Don’t like people who believe in conspiracies
Regret that we ever climbed out of our trees
Forget how humanity can be so beautiful
Imagining it could lead to anarchy

Good times await
Dream squad is altering my fate
Wrote myself a new song
Come and sing-a-long