The Riots, the Shots and the Pious (selection)

by Belter

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This is a selection from Belter's first album "The Riots, the Shots and the Pious" (2009)


released December 2, 2009

Vocals: Rob Eijkman
Guitar: Angelo K
Keyboard: James Chappell
Bass: Odette Dillon
Drums: Catherine Pate



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Belter UK

With lyrics sharper than razor-wire and tunes that stick the boot in, Belter is punk for grown-ups who like a dance.

Their first single "TV Junkie" was released in 2012, gaining worldwide airplay and acclaim.

It was followed in January 2013 by a 3-track EP, ‘Invisible Cat’, which sees the band’s trademark sound expanded with a little help from their friends on strings, brass and slide guitar.
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Track Name: Cannibals
I’m trying to be more like you
That’s what you want me to
I don’t want to be me
Don’t want people to see
Trying to wear me down
See how depraved I can be
I consider myself
To be unreasonably free

Bloody typical people are cynical
Bloody cynical people are typical
So predictable people are miserable
Typical they’d rather I’m invisible

Feel like a man on a fire
Turning round on a spit
First they fattened me up
Stuffed me up full of figs
Beat me down with a stone
Dragged me back to their home
Then danced round the fire
Trying to eat my desire

I’ve met so many cannibals
That wanted to eat us all
I’ve met so many cannibals
Longing to eat us all up

I’m the miracle child
I’m so fuck’n inspired
I’ve been lying awake
Thinking how to escape
Let’s get a little wild
But let’s do it with style
Take a gun to our head
Let them feast on our brains
Track Name: Borderline
Whispering love songs in the park
In the hope that you think I'm as sensitive as my art
Cruel bitch you're tearing me apart
Cold bitch can't penetrate that heart

Strung-out at the gates outside your school
Thought the role of the dedicated father would make me seem cool
Cruel mob you're tearing me apart
This child's got a pistol to my heart

As the priests play with boys
The police are redeployed
Trying to cordon off the thoughts spilling out our minds
You know that she's thirteen
But you don't think it obscene
That you can Google search and download her on line
There's no borderline

Oh Fritz Lang what have I done?
I've got a double page feature and my picture’s on the front of the Sun
Cruel law you're tearing me apart
Depict a monster without a heart

You hope that this would never happen to me
When Uncle Ray sat you on his knee
Why did you let him suck your thumb
Run to the kitchen and tell your Mum
To a deafening silence
Blame my genes they made me
Kill my dog rape me
Please don't forsake me
I'm the victim here save me

I begin to understand
That your morals are a sham
Track Name: Cupid
You shoot me in the back then you raise your hands
Oh come on.
You laid my love down on the railroad tracks, now she's gone.
You raised my hopes you dashed them back
I'm floating down the river like a cat in a sack
Cupid wont give in until he's broken this old heart once again.

I'm sore
I can't take anymore
When love comes a knocking and a scratching at my door
I want to ignore the pills in the drawer
But I'm soul sick, con tricked, a bad trip
And I don't want to score

You offer me a smoke then you dowse me with kerosene
You poisoned my liver and very near ruptured my spleen
This old jalopy ain't gonna go far
It's heading off the cliff you better find a new car
Cause cupid wont give in until he's broken this old heart once again
Track Name: Inch
They don't always mean what they say
Sticks and stones are softer that way
You never admit that it hurt you
You don't give an inch

They think that you've swallowed their lies
They think that you compromised
That your nerve would dessert you
They could never reverse you

You don't give an inch
No never give in
You don't give an inch
No never give in

They say that everyone has a price
They can even turn virtue to vice
Dig up dirt in the hope to expose you

They don't want to risk you on trial
Eventually you'll go out of style
They try their best to ignore you
When they come to implore you

You don't give an inch
Don't bend or you'll break
Wont take anything on faith
Though your shoulders ache
Put your back to the gate
And never ever ever ever ever ever give in
No Never give in
You don't give an inch
No never give in
You don't give an inch
Track Name: Efexor XL
Enters the mainstream
The Ritalin Nation
Gives standing ovation
In pursuit of a new dream

Smothering our scream(s)
Are my emotions
A chemical ocean
Caught in a moonbeam?

I tried it once
I took it twice
The side effects
Are very (oh so) nice.

Emotional vaccine
Striped of emotion
Love is a notion
Pain is a bee's sting

I tried it once
I took it twice
The side effects
Are very (oh so) nice.

My doctor's wet dream
Placating his patience
And pharmacy's agents
And governments are pleased.

I tried it once
I took it twice
I took it us the ass
It was oh so nice!
Track Name: Blood
I know you so well
I know you so well
You say you’re in heaven
But you’re clearly in hell
I leave a bitter sweet
Taste when I flow into you
Forget all the things I’ve put you through
Shivering on the couch by the telephone
Addicted to love but you’re on your own
Feeling sorry for yourself won’t help cause

I’m in your blood
In your blood.

I know you so well
I know you so well
I’ve seen you at your best
And the worse you can smell
I know the things you like and the people you hate
I watch you self destruct with the ones that you date
You’ve got a cynical streak for those in love with you
Trying to breakdown your resistance and infecting you
Feeling sorry for yourself won’t help cause

I’m growing so attached but you think I’m a leech
And each kick is another kick in the teeth
Well tonight we can be alone
You can blame me for never achieving your dreams
Experience a world in which you can’t conceive
Resent me for all that you are

I know you so well
I know you so well
Your hormones are surging
And your tummy will swell
Take a hot bath with a bottle of gin
You think that I’ll leave but I know how to swim
I’m tugging at your heart with all of my might
Just like with your mum you had to put up a fight
Feeling sorry for yourself won’t help cause