by Belter

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Mosses in a bar fight down in Gethsemane
Dogging in the car park practicing sodomy
Swears that he read it in the book of Deuteronomy
Went uptown and got a frontal lobotomy

People round here get away with murder,
Religious wars and fanatical fervour.

Shop til we drop propping up the economy
Dump the Middle East with another theocracy
The paedos skulk around at the toddlers’ nativity
The born again swap their lines for a prophecy

Holy vows Holy Cows
I’m the Pope Caped crusader
Buy the brand get free wafers
Painted nails draw back veils

Mystical visions to help him make decisions
Piling on revisions on top of superstitions
The pilot’s hit ejection on the resurrection

Lifts up his eyes
Lifts up his eyes
Lifts up his eyes
The whole damned world has gone insane
The whole damned world’s gone up in flames


released 21 December 2013
Rob - Voice
Angelo - Guitars/Vocals
James - Keyboards
Gary - Bass
Bargin - Drums

Mark Page- Guest Guitarist



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Belter UK

With lyrics sharper than razor-wire and tunes that stick the boot in, Belter is punk for grown-ups who like a dance.

Their first single "TV Junkie" was released in 2012, gaining worldwide airplay and acclaim.

It was followed in January 2013 by a 3-track EP, ‘Invisible Cat’, which sees the band’s trademark sound expanded with a little help from their friends on strings, brass and slide guitar.
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